We Reveal Why You’re Still Single Based On Your Star Sign

By Olivia Atkinson
24th Apr 2017

We Reveal Why You're Still Single Based On Your Star Sign

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you’re still as single as a pringle? No? Well, we have, and let us tell you, there’s something to blame. Sorry to break it to you love-seeker, but there’s a high chance that the stars are sabotaging your chance at finding your one and only. Yep, your zodiac sign has more to do with your single status than you think.

Perhaps you’re a secret stage five clinger, or maybe you don’t even know if you want to be in a relationship at all. To help you navigate the stormy sea that is love, we’ve put on our astrological hats and found the reason why you’re single. You’re welcome.


Why you’re single: You intimidate the shiz out of your date

Being the first sign in the zodiac line-up AND a fire sign, you Aries singles are strong-willed, self-assured and get shit done. While people are attracted to these qualities, it wouldn’t hurt to step out of the spotlight and take the back seat every so often. Relationships are all about compromise and once you open yourself up to it, you’ll be surprised you might come your way.



Why you’re single: You’ve got a ‘type’ and refuse to budge

Are those wedding bells we hear? Taureans would love nothing more to settle down and make many babies...as long as their SO ticks all the boxes. One day you decided that you had a ‘type’ and from then on, you refused to open yourself up to those who didn’t fulfill that criteria. Loosen up, lovebird! Step outside your dating bubble comfort zone and your future hubby/wifey could cross your path. Pro tip: once you’ve met the ‘one’, keep the flame alight.


Why you’re single: You’re hella indecisive

One minute you’re convinced you’re too young to be in a relationship, the next you’re concerned that you’re too old to find love, your ship has sailed and you’ll die alone with 37 cats. Oh, and you also get bored easily. Yep, Geminis are a bit all over the place when it comes to dating. Your saving grace will be finding someone who keeps you on your toes and always keen to try new things. Boredom? What boredom?


Why you’re single: You’re either a stage five clinger or get too overwhelmed

As the mother of the zodiac, Cancerians just want to look after and nurture the people in their life. The risk of this, though, is smothering them so hard that they run away, never to be seen again. Ouch. Try to avoid being clingy and let them embrace your lovey doveyness at their own pace. You’re also nesters who prefer having a solid squad rather than friends here and there. Don’t be afraid to let newbies into your inner circle—it might be overwhelming but how else are you going to meet your person?!


Why you’re single: You’re bossy AF

When it comes to Leos, love is well and truly a battlefield. You’re bold, badass and fearless, and have an energy that has people falling at your feet. However, you have no problem telling your partner what you think...and that’s the problem. Choose your battles wisely and remember that your inner lion needn’t come out every time a niggle arises. Say it with us: Cool. Your. Jets.


Why you’re still single: No one is good enough, including yourself

Dear Virgo, promise us something. Please stop being so damn hard on yourself! You’re driven by logic rather than feelings so often remain skeptical when it comes to dating. You’re picky and highly critical of people, including your lovely self, and tend to throw the towel in at the first sign of relationship turbulence. Give yourself a break and mellow out a bit. Nobody is perfect and the person you eventually fall in love with is probably someone you’d least expect. Kapeesh?


Why you’re still single: You keep going for the bad eggs

Oh Libra, love and you don’t have the best of luck. You strive to bring balance into this world, and are therefore drawn towards people who you can ‘fix’. The result? Betrayal and a broken heart. On the flipside, everyone loves you because you’re a bloody good time and your energy is infectious, plus you have an uncanny ability to get along with almost anyone. Take a step back and focus on what YOU want out of a relationship. People are always going to want you, it’s your decision as to whether you’re going to pick another dud or open your eyes to someone who will actually appreciate and cherish you.


Why you’re single: Soz, but you can become obsessive

Scorps! You’re the most sexual and witty of all the signs so passion ain’t a problem for you. You’ve probably had your fair share of flings because a) you’re a total catch and everyone wants a piece of you and b) you tend to lose interest once the fire fades and the real life realities of a relationship kicks in. Jealousy can also be an issue and you run the risk of becoming possessive and slightly controlling. Remember to look at the bigger picture—this person is with you because they want to be.You don’t have to waste energy trying to keep them in check.


Why you’re single: You run away as soon as things get remotely serious

Sagi, sagi, sagi, why are you even reading this?! You love being single! Freedom to roam, learn and explore what this world has to offer is important to you, and you feel like being locked into a relationship will prevent that. You have a big heart and a lot of love to give, you just need someone who will continually surprise and challenge you. After all, isn’t love life’s greatest adventure? Hint: it is.



Why you’re single: You’re focussed on everything apart from a relationship

Capricorns excel at all aspects of life...except relationships. Like Virgos, logic rules and you often make up excuses about how a relationship would detrimentally affect this, this and that. Blah, blah, blah. You’re a workaholic and like to keep things private, often coming across as disinterested. In short, you’re scaring potential matches off, Caps! Little do you know, a loving, stable partnership could do wonders for your personal goals. Dial down the judgement and find another like-minded lad or lass who you can win at life with—they’re out there.


Why you’re single: You unknowingly cock block yourself

People are intrigued by you because you walk to the beat of your own drum. Unfortunately for you, your quirky, unique nature also makes people feel like you’re in an untouchable league of your own, so they don’t even bother approaching you. To make matters worse, you hate catching feelings, but deep down inside, you just want someone to love. Tough, huh? As soon as someone catches your eye (which doesn’t happen very often), let them know, or else they’ll just pine for you from afar forever.



Why you’re single: You’re a sensitive soul

Pisces, if we could bundle you up and protect you from the occasional cruelties of love, we would. As a water sign, you’re quite emotional and trusting, throwing so much into relationships and becoming completely and utterly heartbroken when things don’t work out. You’re sensitive idealists who often set expectations for their partners and are upset when they don’t stack up. Our wise words of wisdom? Be honest with what you want from the get-go and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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