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Winger: The Verdict

People think war correspondents have a tough gig. As an Urban List contributor, I am often asked to undergo arduous and thankless… Read More +

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16 Free Things To Do In Melbourne This December

Melbourne, we have heard your cries of extreme smoothie bowl-induced poverty and have responded with no less than 16 free things to do… Read More +

HuxtaBrussels | Melbourne’s Newest Sunday Session

What do you get when you team a most versatile prefix with one of the most recognisable names in Melbourne's hospitality royalty?… Read More +

The Smith Reinvented

Speaking of the recent overhaul of his High Street restaurant-bar, The Smith’s Scott Borg explains, ‘You’ve got to give… Read More +

Our Favourite Abbotsford All Rounder

It’s no small task to be a hot breakfast spot, one of Melbourne’s best beer gardens, a lovely dinner date place, and a party… Read More +

Melbourne’s Best New Restaurants and Bars | May Edition

That's right dear Listers, it's that time of the month again. Strap yourselves in for the best new restaurants and bars opened or… Read More +

FYI These 5 Melbourne Cafes Serve Bottomless Cocktail Brunches

It’s time to put the kardonnay on ice and crack out the footy franks because Melbourne has a *noice, different, unusual* new trend… Read More +

50 Of The Best Things We’ve Eaten In 2017

Working at The Urban List means that we get to try a ridiculous amount of food—and because this is Melbourne—the food never… Read More +

Arbory Afloat Is Open From Today And Bring On Summer

The guys from Arbory don’t much around. As soon as the mercury tops 20 degrees—BAM—out come the pontoons and the gin… Read More +

La Chinesca | The Verdict

Here to fulfil everyone's cross-culinary dreams, La Chinesca (which is now known as Harley House) recently invited us to their… Read More +

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The Bar Dream Comes To a Close and the Winner Is…

After a month of service at The Carlton for The Bar Dream competition, Pickleback Bar has been voted overall reigning champ by the public.… Read More +

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The Feed | All The News You Missed This Week

The city has come alive this week because, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have noticed that the Australian Open is… Read More +

Pizza…But Not As You Know It!

Sitting pretty on a corner site opposite Station Pier, Mr Lawrence at The London is not your average Port Melbourne pub. Sure, it has a… Read More +

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PSA: Melbourne is Getting an Espresso Martini Festival

You heard right, an entire festival dedicated to the greatest caffeinated cocktail out there.  Let's be honest, we've all had… Read More +

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Pentridge Prison Is Being Turned Into An Epic Foodie Precinct

If you ever saw The Shawshank Redemption, you might have noticed the food wasn’t great. Prison food generally isn’t. Until now… Read More +

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The Jameson Jeroboam Jamboree Hits The Beaufort

Fakerjacks! Lumbersexuals! Regular people who also happen to be lovers of all things smoked, pickled, hand-crafted and/or steeped in… Read More +

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A Pop-Up Mexican Fiesta Is Happening On The Yarra

Unable to take that much-needed trip to Mexico? No worries. A Mexican pop-up bar is coming to Melbourne, and we know you need a margarita… Read More +

Green Park | The Verdict

With St Ali's outing to the north done and dusted, for now, at least, Salvatore Malatesta has handed the reigns to Jesse Gerner of… Read More +

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Tickets For Melbourne’s Pop Up LEGO Bar Are Now On Sale

Ah LEGO, the glorious toy that got you through your childhood and fostered a sense of creativity in you. In January it was announced that… Read More +

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Parks Victoria Is Opening Up The Yarra To More Floating Bars This Summer

Funny, isn’t it. The Yarra’s been there for rather a long time, but it’s only in the last 18 months people realised… Read More +

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Project Botanicals is Back!

If you’re a gin lover, and I know many of you are, get ready to sip on some tasty cocktails paired with the most exquisite food… Read More +

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5 Quirky Things to Do in Melbourne

In a city loved for its offbeat surprises – from seeing art galleries in letterboxes to watching penguins in St… Read More +

Cookie | The Verdict

It’s virtually impossible to live in Melbourne and to have never heard of Cookie. Situated behind a solid door on the first floor of… Read More +

Where To Eat, Play And Stay In Bali

The holidays are well and truly drawing near, and if you were lucky enough to secure one of those $88 flights to Bali (if only!), it's… Read More +

Frankston’s Humdinger of a Venue

Forget everything you thought you knew about Frankston dining. This is Humdinger Bar, a classic Melbourne hidden gem that eschews… Read More +

There’s A Bar In Melbourne Doing Sunday Fried Chicken Brunch

Hold on to your napkins, Melbourne. Things are about to get greasy. The legends at Belleville have just launched a new… Read More +

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Greville Up Late | The Silly Season’s Best Street Party

Said to have originated in the ever-suave NYC during the 1950s, when the entire east side (represent) was roped off to sing, dance and… Read More +

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The Verdict | Bad Love Club

How best to describe Footscray's Bad Love Club? A hot pink, all-day jaffle bar and bakery...that also mixes epic cocktails.… Read More +

Ruyi Dumpling & Wine Bar Opens

Sheng Fang and his wife, Qian Qian, are the brains behind Old Town Noodlery, which has been supplying some of Melbourne's best… Read More +

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Is This Southside’s Coolest Tequila Bar?

Melbourne’s not shy of specialty food stores, wine bars, or stand-alone cheese shops. Hell, we’ve even got a dedicated… Read More +