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The Japanese Cocktail Bar That’s Won Our Hearts
By Sophie Colvin - 16 Dec 2015

You probably already know Saké as a top-notch Japanese restaurant, and purveyors of all things delicious Japanese eats - but… Read More +

Ms Collins Opens on Collins Street
By Stephen A Russell - 26 Mar 2014

Ms Collins will welcome fools gladly as she throws open the doors to her kooky mansion on Friday 28th March, with Collins Street's… Read More +

Bars & Pubs
St. Hotel to Shake Up St Kilda
By Emily Hutchinson - 18 Oct 2014

If you're a regular at Saigon Sally and have patiently waited in queues to have a bowl of pho at Hanoi Hannah, then the next venue on… Read More +

We Check Out the Bar Dream Contestants for 2015
By Hannah Valmadre - 17 Jul 2015

This week the Carlton Club is opening up six rooms for contestants to create their own bars as part of their annual Bar Dream competition.… Read More +

Best Shower Beers According To Victorian Brewers
By Ben Tyers - 01 Nov 2017

Everyone loves a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is literally anything you're drinking at that very moment. But there's a… Read More +

Weis Sorbet Cocktails?! Here’s Where You Get One In Melbourne
By Clare Acheson - 01 Feb 2016

Summertime is THE season for cocktails, and nothing could be more refreshing than an incredible drink mixed up by one of Melbourne’s… Read More +

Mr Miyagi | The Verdict
By Stephen A Russell - 19 Oct 2013

The inspiration for Mr Miyagi, a brand new Japanese fusion joint on the Windsor end of Chapel Street, came to owner Andy Restein during one… Read More +

The Best New Year’s Eve Party for Melbourne Foodies
By Iro Kotsimbos - 10 Dec 2014

Urban Listers, there are only 21 days until we farewell 2014, which means hunting down the best New Year’s Eve party in Melbourne… Read More +

This Weekend in Melbourne
By Megan Osborne - 18 Sep 2014

This September is chockers full of food, fun and frivolity, with this weekend being no exception. Looking for fun things to do in Melbourne… Read More +

Long Live the Dutchess
By Hannah Valmadre - 21 Nov 2014

The long awaited revamp of the Duke of Wellington has nearly reached completion, and Dutchess bar is going to look mighty fine once it has.… Read More +

Melbourne’s Best Bars with Wifi
By Clare Acheson - 20 Feb 2015

While internet cafes have come a long way since their late nineties inception (remember the days of dialling up in dimly lit rooms?),… Read More +

Art + Interiors
London | The Cultural Edit
By Louise Martin-Chew - 30 Jul 2013

The significant difference between Europe and Australia is that the past is ever-present. Historical layers of culture in London provide as… Read More +

Welcome to The Immersery: Festival Kitchen, Bar & Raingarden
By Stephen A Russell - 24 Feb 2014

International design firm, HASSELL, will once again transform Queensbridge Square, in the heart of the city, into the vibrant hub of this… Read More +

Melbourne’s Quirkiest Drinking Holes
By Ella Stening - 24 Oct 2013

Some of us 'seasoned' diverters of sobriety can afford to get a little snobbish when it comes to our drinking venue. We are spoilt… Read More +

Smith & Daughters to Open in Fitzroy
By Ella Stening - 14 Mar 2014

Enter the latest and greatest power duo on the Fitzroy food scene, Mo Wyse and Shannon Martinez, with their first and formidable restaurant… Read More +

What Your Drunk Food Says About You
By Anna May - 19 Sep 2015

You know the drill: you over did the beer/bubbles/Bombora and cokes, and it’s time to chow down on some delicious drunk eats. What… Read More +

Where to Find the Best Cheap Drinks in Melbourne
By Luna Soo - 30 Apr 2014

Got a huge thirst for a big night out, but a near-empty wallet? Drown your sorrows in a cheap drink. Here are 10 places in Melbourne… Read More +

Meet Melbourne’s Hottest New ‘Fine Diving’ Bars
By Hilary Simmons - 24 Nov 2015

Fine diving. It’s a thing. In fact – we’re calling it now – it’s going to be the next big restaurant trend. So… Read More +

Le Bon Ton | The Verdict
By Tash Sorensen - 21 Feb 2014

Eighteen months ago, I had one of those truly memorable dining experiences. The venue was Chingón and I'd had such an… Read More +

THIS Is How Much We Love You!
By Susannah George - 08 Sep 2014

We know you love it when we introduce you to Melbourne's best bars. And sources say that telling you about hot ways to spend a weeknight… Read More +

The Verdict | Baroq House
By James Shackell - 18 Oct 2017

It’s pretty obvious before we even walk through the door: Baroq House isn’t shooting for ‘more of the same’. This… Read More +

11 Best Frozen Cocktails for Summer Sipping
By Sarah Willcocks - 28 Nov 2014

The heat is on. Or at least it will be… So we’ve found the Melbourne bars and restaurants that have the best icy antidotes!… Read More +

Melbourne’s Best Pub Meals
By Hilary Simmons - 06 Feb 2016

Restaurant food is all well and good, but sometimes you just want a good old-fashioned counter meal at a nice cosy pub. To us, true pub grub… Read More +

The Best of Everything in Melbourne! | The FOOD Edition
By Pip Jarvis - 29 Sep 2014

You know we love a list—we are The Urban LIST after all—and we're often asked by readers where they can get their hands on a… Read More +

Melburnians Are Officially The Poshest Beer Drinkers
By Ellen Seah - 15 Jan 2016

Everyone knows that Melburnians like a good beer, but methinks the country may have underestimated exactly how much we like beer. According… Read More +

Northern Light Bar & Eatery | The Verdict
By Tash Sorensen - 14 Feb 2014

The explosion of chef-inspired reality television has encouraged mere mortals to get creative in both their own kitchens, and the dining… Read More +

Just Open: Magic Mountain Saloon
By Stephen A Russell - 13 Jan 2015

Two symbolic, intertwined triangles in bold red mark the entrance to Magic Mountain Saloon, the latest offering from irrepressible duo… Read More +

The Neighbourhood Restaurant You Need To Try
By Ella Pleasant - 22 Oct 2014

While there's a host of great restaurants in Melbourne CBD, we often forget about the neighbourhood gems that are kicking all kinds of… Read More +

HuTong Dumpling Crew Open East on Little Collins Street
By Megan Osborne - 19 Nov 2014

Who's got the best dumplings in Melbourne? HuTong! Who else? Only HuTong's new sister restaurant, East! Opening up on Little Collins… Read More +

Charlie Dumpling Jr and Ba Charlie Open on High Street!
By Iro Kotsimbos - 14 Nov 2014

Dumpling fiends, the moment you've been waiting for is finally here – Charlie Dumpling Jr, the baby bro of Prahran favourite… Read More +