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Set Your Alarm, Here’s Where To Find 15 Of The Best Breakfasts On The Gold Coast

Gold Coast cafes are as abundant as the tanned bodies on our beaches. If there is one thing we’re equally proud of as our glittering… Read More +

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9 Wanderlust-Worthy Things To Do If Your Euro Vacay Was Cancelled

With its feast of visual sensations, epic landmarks straight out of the history books and gourmet food to boot, Europe has always topped our… Read More +

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Get Lost In This Massive Wooden Maze Just Three Hours From The Gold Coast

If you’re a fan of escape rooms, but not of being locked in a small room, why take your puzzle-solving skills outdoors? You can do… Read More +

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Shop And Eat Local At The Best Gold Coast Markets This Weekend

If there was ever a time to shop local, it's now. And there's plenty of the Gold Coast’s local growers, producers and makers… Read More +

Button Smash Your Way Through 11 Of The Best Games We’re Officially Obsessed With

So you’ve binge-watched all of the shows and Marie Kondo’d the heck out of your home, now it’s time to button smash your… Read More +

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Prepare For A Sugar High, You Can Get These Caramilk Doughnuts Delivered To Your Door

If you haven't been introduced to the wonderful world of Cadbury's Caramilk chocolate, you're missing out on one of life's… Read More +

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Fill Your Weekend With These 12 Epic Things To Do On The Gold Coast

Can you believe August is creeping up on us this weekend? Us either. It seems like only yesterday we were toasting the New Year only to be… Read More +

Things To Do
Akubras On, Here Are 5 Farms You Can Actually Visit On And Around The Gold Coast

With a huge selection of places to eat out on the Gold Coast, we can sometimes forget that cooking a wholesome meal for ourselves is a… Read More +

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Dig Through The Racks At 10 Of The Gold Coast’s Best Op Shops

Normally any excuse will do for a shopping spree, but why build up that Afterpay debt when you can revamp your whole wardrobe without… Read More +

Why You Need To Get Around These 7 Boss Females Making Powerful Social Change

At Urban List, we strongly believe in working together to make small, sustainable changes towards a greener, more socially conscious planet.… Read More +

Set Your Alarm, The Gold Coast Just Scored A Decadent Four-Course Brunch Degustation

Ah yes, Sunday mornings: the day where you wake up with a pounding headache, wipe the drool off your chin and then decide that nope,… Read More +

Grab A Pint And A Parmy At 9 Of The Best Old-School Pubs Around The Gold Coast

It’s hard to believe it, but back in the day there were some Aussie pubs that not only accommodated drinking patrons but their horses… Read More +

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Gear Up For Your Next Trip With These 7 Expert Post-COVID Travel Tips

With restrictions slowly easing in some parts of Australia, it’s fair to say that we’re chomping at the bit to ditch our iso… Read More +

Hit Download, Here’s 9 Of The Freshest Beats To Add To Your Playlist This Month

Is your current rotation of tunes leaving you a little uninspired? Hit pause on the oldies and make space for some new artists and songs set… Read More +

Cue The Inspiration, The World’s First Hijabi Ballerina Stephanie Kurlow On Chasing Your Passions

If you're looking for a daily dose of inspiration, creative and passionate eighteen-year-old Stephanie Kurlow has it in spades.… Read More +

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Get Sipping, This Tamborine Winery Is Doing $10 Wine Tastings And Epic Cheese Boards

You might think you have to travel interstate to find incredible Australian wineries—to the Hunter Valley, the Barrosa and Margaret… Read More +

Bars & Pubs
Drink Up, Here’s The Ultimate Guide To All The Best Bars On The Gold Coast

Eating and shopping your way around the Gold Coast’s best restaurants and boutiques can be thirsty work. Luckily, our glorious surf… Read More +

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Cancel Everything, You Can Now Get Gelato Panini On The Gold Coast

If you’re craving gelato in the middle of winter but don’t want hypothermia, then we’ve got a foolproof solution for you.… Read More +

Knock Back Truffle Margaritas With This Winter-Worthy Truffle-Inspired Menu

Carb lovers everywhere are going to be lining out the door once they hear what their favourite Italian eatery is up to now. Salt Meats… Read More +

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Hit Download, Here Are 10 Of The Best Movies And Shows You Need To Binge Right Now

If you’re aimlessly scrolling through Netflix in search of something to plug the Tiger King-sized hole left in your heart, scroll no… Read More +

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Green Up Your Home At Next Week’s Massive Online Plant Sale

Let’s face it, recently standing in line at Bunnings has become a bit of a chore. So if you feel like skipping the lines, pressing a… Read More +

Treat Yourself At 7 Of These Gorgeous Day Spas On The Gold Coast

Whether you’re on the Gold Coast for a long time or a good time, chances are the searing Queensland sun has taken its toll on your… Read More +

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Gouda News, You Can Now Warm Up With A High Cheese Afternoon Tea

Cheese High Teas. High Cheeses. Whatever you want to call them—dedicated cheese-themed afternoon teas are back and we’re all for… Read More +

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Start Sipping, Here’s Where You Can Make Your Own Gin On The Coast

Gin, whether it’s served straight, with tonic over ice or mixed in a cocktail, is a perennial favourite of ours. Sure, we love to… Read More +

Forget Cheat Day, Here Are 10 Of The Gold Coast’s Tastiest Acai Bowls

Okay, we admit it. We have sort of become acai snobs. It’s always a risk trying a new place, do they have good granola? Do they put a… Read More +

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Get Exploring, Here Are 11 Of The Best Restaurants On The Tweed Coast

From mountains to rivers, sand dunes to red earth hills, The Tweed Coast is a little slice of paradise that really does have it all. Plus,… Read More +

Finding Gold, Business Trailblazer Michelle Battersby On How She Gets It Done

If you Google ‘career goals’ you’ll most likely find an image of the charming and driven Michelle Battersby staring back… Read More +

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Let The Dogs Out, Here Are 5 Of The Best Dog Friendly Camping Spots On The Gold Coast

There are a few things that truly hurt in life. Read receipts without a reply, someone voluntarily eating the last slice of pizza, choosing… Read More +

Food & Drink
Order Yourself Another Cold One, These Gold Coast Venues Are Offering 50% Off Your Bill

Who doesn’t love a good bargain, especially in times like these? As of Friday 10 July, Australian Venue Co. is launching Happy Days… Read More +

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Support Your Own Backyard And Plan Your Next Getaway Post-Rona According To Your Travel Style

This year has been a wild ride and we’d be lying if we said the majority of our time in iso wasn’t spent daydreaming of… Read More +