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Cue The Conspiracies, Netflix Just Dropped A Madeleine McCann Documentary

The wave of true crime content is ever growing and there’s no doubt Netflix has taken crime documentaries under its wing—and… Read More +

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What’s Leaving Netflix This November

Time to prioritise your November viewing, people. Let this article come as one giant warning: a bunch of shows are about to disappear from… Read More +

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What’s Leaving Netflix This December

To make way for TV shows and movies in the pipeline for 2019, Netflix is undergoing a mass exodus. In other words, this is the last time… Read More +

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Netflix Just Dropped A Cryptic Trailer For The OA Season 2

The trailer for season two of The OA has just dropped and it looks like we’re in for even more bizarre storylines and nonsensical… Read More +

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Netflix Just Revealed Its Next Choose Your Own Adventure Series

The rise and rise of Netflix has seen this juggernaut streaming service produce original content worthy of an Oscar, rule the anthology… Read More +

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The Alienist Is The Latest Netflix Show You Can’t Miss

If you’ve switched on Netflix recently, chances are you’ve heard of The Alienist, the latest much-hyped series from the… Read More +

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Netflix Just Dropped The Trailer For Its Big Sci-Fi Thriller Of The Year

Coming in hard from rave reviews and hailing from the Sundance Festival, the I Am Mother trailer has just dropped and prepare to be chilled… Read More +

Watch The Shocking Trailer For Netflix’s New Ted Bundy Movie

Mark May 3 into your Netflix diaries, the official trailer for the Ted Bundy biopic Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile has been… Read More +

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Netflix Just Released The Chilling Trailer For Its New True Crime Docuseries

“If I wrote The Innocent Man as a novel, folks probably wouldn’t believe it.” Those are the words from John Grisham, the… Read More +

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Did You Know You Can Now Watch Netflix Offline?

Hold onto your data and leave your questionable Internet connection at home, because you can now watch Netflix offline. We’ll just let… Read More +

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Netflix Just Announced A Sling Of Exclusive Roald Dahl Originals

Your childhood favourites are about to forge a new home on Netflix and this is bringing nostalgia to a whole new level. To sum it up,… Read More +

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All The Food Shows You Should Be Watching On Netflix RN

Not satisfied with three meals a day, foodie TV is now a bona fide outlet for the food obsessed to drool over the world’s best eats.… Read More +

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What’s Leaving Netflix This Month

Time to prioritise your October viewing, people. Let this article come as one giant warning: a bunch of shows are about to disappear… Read More +

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7 Winter Date Ideas If You’re Sick Of Netflix & Chill

If you’ve suggested Netflix and chill the last three dates, it might be time to break up with your couch and liven things up.… Read More +

Everything To Know About The First Australian-Made Netflix Original Series

It’s something so many of us have been waiting for and finally, it’s coming to our screens. Netflix has just dropped the… Read More +

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You Can Now Stream All 8 Harry Potter Movies On Netflix

Turns out, Netflix is the only place to be for your weird and wonderful witchcraft and wizardry antics.  The streaming wars really do… Read More +

The UK’s Biggest Thriller Is Coming To Netflix And You Need To Watch It

You need to get yourself on this new BBC series Bodyguard, because the hit thriller is coming to Netflix Australia on 24 October. Before we… Read More +

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All The Christmas Flicks Dropping On Netflix This December

Yeah, it’s the binge-list to end all other lists. Whack on some tinsel and swig back the eggnog, Netflix is treating you to a… Read More +

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Hang Onto Your True Crime Hats Because Mindhunter Will Return To Netflix

That’s right, you’ve read correctly: Netflix series Mindhunter is slated to return for a second season this August and… Read More +

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This Is Everything That’s Dropped On Netflix This November

News flash: Netflix is dropping a heap of awesomeness this November and you may as well quit your day job RN. Or, you know, chuck a sickie.… Read More +

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The Biggest Sci-Fi Movie In The World Right Now Is Coming To Netflix

Netflix has secured the international streaming rights to distribute one of the biggest sci-fi films in the world right now... ! The… Read More +

11 Docos On Netflix That Will Make You Smarter

Remember back in the day when the older and wiser said TV won’t make you smarter? Well the joke’s on them because back in the… Read More +

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PSA: You Need To Watch Netflix’s Manhunt Right Freaking Now

And you thought you’d finally do real things in real life this year (silly you).  Strap in guys, because you’re about to… Read More +

What Your Favourite Netflix Series Says About You

There are two ways to watch Netflix. One is ‘Netflix and chill’ which means you put on a show then have sex with whoever is in… Read More +

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BREAKING: Netflix Has Released The First Images For House Of Cards Season 6 And We’re Thirsty

Considering all of the tea that was spilt in the press surrounding allegations against Kevin Spacey late last year, was there any wonder… Read More +

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7 More Netflix Docos To Watch Now

So you binge watched all of the 7 Netflix Docos You Need To See Now. You signed the petition to Free Steven Avery. You had more intense… Read More +

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The Push Is Your New (Gross) Netflix Addiction

Netflix is fabulous at streaming shows that give us chills—think Black Mirror, The Sinner and The End of the F***ing World. And now,… Read More +

The Secret Netflix Categories You Need To Search Now!

If you spend as much time on Netflix as us (a lot) you probably know the site inside out. But we’re here with some exciting news:… Read More +

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Screen Screams | Our Fave Netflix Horror Flicks For Halloween

There are two types of people in this world: those who like horror films and those who don’t. No points for guessing which side we… Read More +

Netflix Streaming Is About To Take Off On All Domestic Qantas Flights

Qantas announced today that all domestic flights within Australia will be equipped with Netflix, Foxtel and Spotify as part of its in-flight… Read More +