Brie-Lieve It: The 50 Best Cheese Dishes in Brisbane

By Emilee Colasimone - 29 May 2017


If cheese is the king of the dairy world, nay, the gastronomical world, then we are its most humble and obliging servants.

Grated, spread, crumbled, baked, melted, poured, or just shoved into our gobs (preferably with a cracker and some quince paste—because, classy), cheese is one of life’s greatest pleasures and we will take it any way it's given.

So here we go; get yourself into that blissful cheese coma as you work your way through the 50 best cheese dishes in Brisbane. Lactose intolerants, look away now…

  1. Discover all things cheese at Milton’s one-stop cheese mecca, Fromage The Cow.
  2. Brooklyn Depot’s MacLovin Balls. Deep fried mac and cheese balls. Yassssss.
  3. Dip in for a Swiss cheese fondue at traditional Swiss restaurant, Des Alpes.
  4. Go nuts over the peanut butter cheesecake slices from Chester Street Bakery.
  5. Melt Brothers’ epic three cheese toastie, The Mousetrap.
  6. Get some cheese sauce on your fries at Fritzenburger. The Vegemite salt and candied bacon make a perfect accompaniment.
  7. Lady Marmalade’s haloumi roast pumkin is a breakfast MUST have.
  8. The Blueberry Nodo Donut with lemon cream cheese… Fingers crossed a gluten intolerance doesn’t mean lactose as well.
  9. Pasta served to you from a giant wheel of parmesan at Il Verde.
  10. Shady Palms’ vego bombs: cauliflower and cheese bites with lime and spicy ketchup. Are you even serious!?
  11. The feta skaras (baked feta cheese, FYI) from Little Greek Taverna.
  12. La Macelleria turns buffalo ricotta and fresh raspberries into the divine raspberry cheesecake gelato.
  13. The Manchego cheese custard with coal fired carrots and dukkah from Vaquero is like nothing else.
  14. Wrap your lips around Tartufo’s Quattro Fromagi (a.k.a four cheese) pizza.
  15. Try the Eggplant with buffalo mozzarella (Involtini di Melanzane) at Spaghetti House.
  16. Always order the local goat's brie with frickles at Homage, Spicers Hidden Vale.
  17. At Enoteca 1889, cheese (mascarpone that is) also goes perfectly with espresso-soaked biscuits in their Tiramisu.
  18. Vegos will delight in the Mushroom and Haloumi Burger at The Fox’s Long Room.
  19. Montrachet’s a la carte menu boasts a devine traditional, soft, French goat’s cheese.
  20. Pretend you’re in New York while you munch on a Bagel Boys Smoked salmon classic bagel, complete with lashings of cream cheese.
  21. Tangy, sweet and cheesy; Popolo’s Torte di Fromaggio (white chocolate and limoncello cheesecake) nails it.
  22. PJs Steaks in the Valley present the original cheesesteak.
  23. Put together a cheese platter to end all cheese platters from Rosalie Gourmet Market.
  24. The Paneer Malai served at A Night in India.
  25. One of Botanica’s favourite sweeties; the cinnamon and ricotta streusel.
  26. Experience the divine simplicity of Bucci’s Caprese Salad.
  27. Share some spanakopita with your pals at Greek on Cav.
  28. Let the chefs at Public choose your cheeses. They come with apple, quince and lavosh.
  29. Fancy some truffled cauliflower mac and cheese that is sprinkled with cheezel dust? Get to Brewski!
  30. Celebrate a special occasion with a Jocelyn’s Provisions cheesecake… Any of them.
  31. Send yor arteries into a spin with the Crumbed Mozzarella Sticks from Charboys.
  32. Nachos grande from Mucho Mexico comes with the lot and they don’t skimp on the queso.
  33. Home to the best cheeseburger is Remy’s—especially their bacon cheesebuger.
  34. Gnocchi ripieni from Il Locale mixes ricotta with sage and truffle and, tops it off with some truffle pecorino—perfecto!
  35. Like nachos but with shoestring fries, it’s Yardbird’s Chilli Cheese Fries.
  36. When the Canadan poutine meets Greece’s haloumi, you get Miss Kay’s Poutine Burger.
  37. At the Alliance Hotel, they stuff olives with feta, crumb them AND THEN deep fry them.
  38. The House-cured ham and English cheddar croquettes from The Brass Barrel are too good to share.
  39. You’d happily die for Julius Pizzeria’s Fried ricotta and goats cheese dumplings with candied orange syrup and cinnamon ice cream.
  40. The soufflé AND gruyere beignets at Madame Rouge. Cheese is life here.
  41. Madame Wu’s Mascarpone panacotta.
  42. The perfect side: cauliflower and pecorino gratin at Nickel Kitchen & Bar.
  43. Say hello to deep-fried cheese with Moga’s camembert cheese katsu.
  44. Salty hot chips with Feta from the Yiros Shop.
  45. Beetroot salad with whipped goats curd, hazelnut and whitlof at West End’s London Fields.
  46. For breakkie have Todd and Pup’s Moroccan Shakshuka, served with dollops of ricotta.
  47. Find the perfect beer snack at Bloodhound Corner Bar & Kitchen: Brazillian-inspired fried dough parcels filled with shredded chicken and cheese.
  48. Give the gift of cheese. The gang at The Cheese Pleaser can help you out with a sophisticated cheese hamper.
  49. Pony’s bombe Alaska with crème freche gelato. Giddiup!
  50. Even people who don’t like blue cheese will love the blue cheese dipping sauce served with chicken wings at Tippler’s Tap.

Madame Rouge | Image credit: Hayley Williamson

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