Brisbane’s Best Pizza 2015

By Laura Walkley - 07 Sep 2015

Brisbane Italian Festival Festitalia
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Julius Pizzeria
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Coppa Spuntino
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There’s no occasion that can’t be improved with Italian food, namely pizza. There is truly some very bellissimo slices around Brisbanino and we can’t think of a better time when we’re seeing off the last of winter to treat yo’self to a good old fashioned, gourmet pizza. Here’s our pick of Brisbane’s Best pizza.



Beccofino is casual Italian at its best, with a breezy atmosphere and free-flowing parmesan. Traditionalists will be happy with the simplicity of the classic Margarita, tomato, fior di latte and basil, or check out the enormous ricotta calzone for something a little different and a lot incredible. 



The jaunt known well for it’s oven baked peanut butter choc-chip cookies knows how to put a darn good pizza in the wood-fired oven, and when they take it out? Well, it’s even better. Sorellina's Tuscan Kale pizza with anchovy and chilli is a little bit different. And if you want to add to the carb-load, add a round of the garlic and rosemary dough balls.

UQ Pizza Caffe

St Lucia

The Pizza Caffe at UQ literally covers the A-Z in pizza toppings, with a menu of 26 variations of flavours at student prices. Each of the toppings reference an Italian film star or director like the Sophia Loren (spinach, olives and blue cheese) and the Fellini (smoked salmon and provolone). It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a bit of cuisine and culture in the summer months, out in the open air dining area.

Julius Pizzeria

South Brisbane

Julius Pizzeria is, as most restaurants on Fish Lane are, a little bit fancy. The pizza menu here is packed with the best quality toppings; we love the Salsiccia with chilli, mushrooms and pork and fennel sausage. Drool. And don’t forget to save room for the sweet pizza come dessert.

Pizzantica Food Truck


Two cute Italian boys, bopping around in a VW combi van dishing out pizza to their many fans, need I say more? I don’t, but I will because you should also eat the Pizzantica Nutella dessert calzone’s these boys serve up. The great news is that they will soon be adding a bricks and mortar venue for our eating pleasure.

Coppa Spuntino


The adorable small pizzas served in Coppa Spuntino make up in taste for what they lack in size. The pancetta, potato and rosemary option certainly packs a flavour punch.

Okonomi House

Eat Street Markets

Japanese pizzas are all the rage, and they’re definitely a little lighter than what you might be used to. At the Okonomi House stall at the Eat Street Markets they are made with a cabbage base and topped with pork belly or teriyaki chicken. It’s an Italian, Japanese fusion you definitely didn’t see coming. 

Image credit: Tash Sorenson

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