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Fitness Dummy | We Try Cardiolates

What do you get when you mix cardio with Pilates? Cardiolates, of course! If I’m going to be honest, I had nooo idea that this was… Read More +

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We Predict The Top Fitness Trends for 2016

Fitness trends come, and fitness trends go. Out with the boot camp (thank god) and in with the Fitbits for 2016 we say! There are plenty of… Read More +

Fitness Dummy | We Tried BBG And Regret Everything

Designed by fitspo queen Kayla Itsines, the fan-dubbed “BBG” guides has one of the biggest fitness followings across the globe.… Read More +

New Zealand
Auckland’s Best Parks 2018

There’s nothing more picturesque than a mid-morning coffee and pastry on a park bench. For the full whammy, add a dog-eared… Read More +

How To Get Fit For People Who Hate Fitness

Getting motived enough to leave your bed is hard enough without monotonous squats and endless kilometres. Ain’t nobody got time (or… Read More +

The Best Workouts To Try In March

Now we’ve officially said goodbye to summer (sob), it’s easy to ditch the fitness routine in favour of Netflix marathons. To… Read More +

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Fitness Trends We Predict For 2018

Ahhh it’s almost time to create those optimistic New Year resolutions again and, this year, we really want to help you stick to them!… Read More +

Fitness Trend Alert: Nostalgic Workouts

There's a reason you still have that dog-eared teddy bear hiding in your wardrobe, and your mum still has that gross old lock of your… Read More +

24 Reasons To Workout With Your Partner

Some days you just lack motivation at the gym. Nothing’s going right, you’re tired AF and your usual gym playlist just… Read More +

Nightclub Gyms Are The New Fitness Trend You Need To Know About

Choosing between hitting the bar or sweating up a storm on the barre is a thing of the past thanks to nightclub-esque workout classes, the… Read More +

New Zealand
Where To Find Auckland’s Golden Frames

Whether you’re in Auckland for a visit or have been living here your whole life, we can almost guarantee that you have a photo of you… Read More +

Auckland’s Best Group Fitness Classes To Try Now

Teamwork makes the dream work and smashing fitness goals is no exception to this. There’s no better place to get cracking on your… Read More +

5 Foods Your Abs Are Gonna Love

Find me a girl who likes her stomach, and I wouldn’t know whether to cry with jealousy or beg her to share her secrets. We are all… Read More +

Fitness Classes To Try Before The End Of Summer

Summertime is upon us and that means making the most of every single opportunity to soak up the sunshine, vitamin D and fresh air and what… Read More +

Everything You Need To Know About The Hottest Gym In The World Right Now

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This Hidden Studio Is Offering FREE Classes Every Thursday!

First, we had Junk-Free June, then Dry July and now we have something new to get us feeling like we’re living our best life. Get your… Read More +

Morning, Noon Or Night: When Is The Best Time To Run?

You’re too busy, it’s too cold, it’s too hot, it’s too dark, it’s raining—the list goes on. However,… Read More +

19 Things You’ve Tried or Said If You Are Health Obsessed

It feels like the whole world is health and fitness obsessed these days. Heck, there’s a bazillion dollar industry (disclaimer: not… Read More +

5 Exercises That Don’t Work

“Work, work, work, work, work, work.” Our girl RhiRhi says it best while she’s grinding up on ol’ mate Drake in her… Read More +

Fitness Dummy: We Try Bouncing

As a child, my best friend was called Olivia (and before you say it, no, I wasn’t my own best friend…gosh). We would spend… Read More +

Surprising Things That Happened When I Wore A Fitness Tracker

Oh, how the world loves fitness trackers. The oh-so popular tool is praised for knowing how on track your life is. Are you moving enough?… Read More +

Studio Red Yoga | The Verdict

If the words 'hot' and 'yoga' together in a sentence bring a about a serious brow sweat without even setting foot anywhere… Read More +

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The Best Hikes In Hawaii

Little may you realise, Hawaii is seriously designed for legendary hikes that will give you as many amazing memories, as they do… Read More +

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The Men’s Guide To Gaining Muscle

Gaining muscle quickly can seem like an impossible feat. This is often because people do not follow the simple strategies that are… Read More +

How To Start Your Own Home Yoga Practice (And Stick To It!)

Yoga is the word on everyone’s lips these days. It isn’t surprising because exercise is hard you guys, and yoga lets you feel… Read More +

5 New Running Routes To Try In Auckland

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Bro-ga: Why Guys Can (and Should) be Bendy Too

So let’s talk yoga. It’s a girl-thing, right? Hell no! There are heaps more guys getting into yoga these days, and the art of… Read More +